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Well Body Care


We value well-body check ups as not only a time to get a pap screen and a physical done, but also to check in on a person's overall wellness. What do they want to address in life? What health challenges would they like to tackle? Are they aware of other screening or lab work they might benefit from? How are their relationships, emotions, and stress level? We use lab work along with nutrition, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations to address concerns. We love staying in touch with our clients over the years through these well-body appointments.

Our office setting is comfortable and private.  Our appointments are an hour long for annual exams and half an hour for infection checks, giving us time for answering all of your questions.

We Offer The Following Well Person Services:

  • Annual gynecological exams (including pap smear and breast exam)

  • Birth Control Counseling

  • Vaginal infection checks

  • Urinary tract infection checks

  • STD testing

  • Preconception Care

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