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Services + Pricing 

Midwifery Care Consultation - Free

This weekly consultation is led by one of the midwives over Zoom on Thursday mornings at 9 am. They go into what care with us looks like, cover some financial and billing basics, and answer any questions you may have. If this time slot doesn’t work for your schedule, we can schedule a one-on-one call or in-person consultation at another time.


Full Midwifery Care Package - $6800

This includes comprehensive care for normal pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. We see clients starting around 10 weeks along in their pregnancy, every 4 weeks until they are 28 weeks along, every two weeks until they are 36 weeks along, and then weekly until baby arrives. We attend your birth here at the birth center or your home (within the Trinidad-Fortuna-Blue Lake boundaries). We provide a minimum of two in-home postpartum visits in the first week and additional visits in the office at weeks two, four, and six. 


This price point is determined based on the average number of visits, call time, and birth attendance. We are happy to work with you to determine a payment option that works best for you and your family. We are able to give occasional discounts - these are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the amount of the discount, and how many we’ve already given in the year.


We are also able to set up alternative payment plans if that makes our fee more accessible. The standard fee schedule is that we receive a deposit of $1000 at your initial visit, then half of the remaining balance ($2900) by the time you are 26 weeks along in pregnancy, and the second half of the remaining balance ($2900) by 34 weeks gestation. We can work together to establish an amount due by your due time and then a payment plan duration after baby comes, with no interest accumulated. For example, this could look like paying $4000 by the time you are 34 weeks along and then making monthly payments of between $450 - $500 for the next 6 months.


Custom Midwifery Care Package 

Even if you do not plan on delivering your baby with us at the birth center or in your home, there are many ways we can still support you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum time. We can create a custom care plan based on your needs to supplement any obstetric care you are receiving. This could apply to you if your pregnancy doesn’t fit within our scope of practice (twins, epilepsy), or simply if you are planning to deliver at the hospital but want to incorporate midwives into your care network.


A custom care package could include any of the following services:

  • Prenatal appointments - $______ - as often as desired with an ideal minimum of one per trimester.

  • Postpartum appointments - $______ - at-home visits in the first week postpartum, and as often as desired after that, graduating after 6 weeks postpartum unless further care is required.

  • Group classes - $50-$75 - we offer a Group Prenatal and a Baby Care class at the birth center. The Group Prenatal goes over stages of labor, mentally preparing for birth, breastfeeding, and more, with lots of time for questions and to cater the class to whoever is attending. The Baby Care class addresses self and community care in the postpartum period, diapering, bathing, soothing, sleep, and more. These classes are available individually or as a package. Further description is listed under "Classes" below. Both classes can be taken at any point during pregnancy. 

  • Mother Roasting - $_____ - [description]

  • Placenta Encapsulation - $_____ - [description]

  • Cranio-Sacral Massage - $_____ - [description]


Well Body Care, Annual Exams, and Preconception Care

We value well-body checkups as not only a time to get a pap screen and a physical done, but also to check in on a person's overall wellness. We use lab work along with nutrition, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations to address concerns. Our office setting is comfortable and private.  Our appointments are an hour long for annual exams and half an hour for infection checks, giving us time to answer all of your questions.


These visits could include:

  • Annual gynecological exams (including pap smear and breast exam)

  • Birth Control Counseling

  • Vaginal infection checks

  • Urinary tract infection checks

  • STD testing

  • Preconception Care and Fertility Counseling

Types of appointments and pricing

  • New patient: Hour-long appointment, with no labs or physical exam - $120

  • Established patient: Hour-long appointment, with no labs or physical exam - $60

  • New patient: Hour-long appointment, with labs and/or physical exam - $180-$260

  • Established patient: Hour-long appointment, with labs and/or physical exam - $120


Classes - $50-$75

We offer two different classes at the birth center, listed below. 


These classes are free for Moonstone Midwives clients and cost $75 for all others - or $50 when bundled with a Group Prenatal appointment ($100 altogether). You are welcome to bring your partner along! We provide water or tea, and you're welcome to bring along snacks or anything you might need to be comfortable for the two-hour class.

These classes are a great opportunity to prepare for labor and postpartum in person and to meet other pregnant families in the area.


If you are not a client of Moonstone Midwives and are interested in the class, please email us at


  • Group Prenatal Appointment: We host a group prenatal every two months here at the birth center. During the two hours that we're together, we go over what birth might look like, stages of labor, immediate postpartum, and leave lots of time for questions. 

  • Group Postpartum + Baby Care Class: Every few months, we host a group postpartum and baby care class here at the birth center. During the two hours that we're together, we go over an array of topics that are related to navigating postpartum and baby care. We focus especially on the importance of postpartum planning and setting you up for an optimal postpartum period. We provide a format for you to create a plan and answer any questions you may have. We talk about self and community care, bonding, diapering, and sleep, among other things. 


Mother Roasting



Cranio-Sacral Massage



Placenta Encapsulation


A Note on Insurance

In the out-of-hospital birth, it is standard for the Client to pay for their care during the pregnancy. However, all routine prenatal visits and professional charges for labor, delivery and postpartum care generally are billed to insurance in one lump sum after the baby is born. This lump sum is referred to as the “global” obstetric/midwifery fee. Because we will not know what is billable until after the baby is born, and in order to keep our Client’s out of pocket costs as low as possible, we base the Client’s co-insurance payment on the global midwifery fee. 

We take most kinds of private insurance. If you plan to have a baby with us, you would work with our biller to find out the details since the plans are all so different. There are only a few employer-managed plans that we are in-network with and completely covered by, which are all managed by Humboldt Independent Practice Association.

We work with Earthside Billing. You can visit their website here to learn more about their insurance billing services for birth centers and home births.

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