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We are a holistic midwifery practice offering both home birth and birth center care. Our practice serves families throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum. We also offer well-body care from adolescence to menopause.

Each person's unique journey into parenthood is nurtured and supported. Using clinical skills, an evidence-based approach, and intuition as our tools, we provide excellent care to a diverse population.

As guardians of natural birth, we hold our clients securely during their journey and honor each baby’s peaceful entry into the world.


We created Moonstone Midwives Birth Center to provide the families of our remote region a different choice for their birth experience. We are thrilled to offer midwifery care in our beautiful free standing birth center with rooms that feel like home.

Giving birth at home allows for the utmost in personalization, privacy, and intimacy during this sacred time. Providing home birth services in Humboldt County has been our specialty for many years.

Well-body check ups are an essential part of self care.  With a deep respect for the work that people do in their families and communities, we offer these visits to support the wellness of the whole person.  Whether daughter, mother, or grandmother-all are welcome.


"I used Moonstone Midwives with all three of my births and couldn’t be happier with that decision. They formed a personal and caring relationship with me while still being very professional. I never felt judged for any of the decisions I made and loved that they spent so much time each session informing me about the stage I was in. They are reliable, educated, and well trained women who add a lot of value to our community!"
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