Photo of a mother cradling a sleeping newborn baby.

Holistic Midwifery Care

Birth center room with a window, a yellow accent wall, coordinated bed and furniture, and a tub with candles.

Birth Center

Black and white photo of a mother and father in a birthing tub with a newborn baby.

Home Birth

Moonstone Midwives hands in a circle holding white and pink orchid flowers.

Well Woman Care

Moonstone Midwives team sitting on rocks above the ocean.

Birth Team

Our birth center is located in Humboldt County, CA

We are a holistic midwifery practice offering both home birth and birth center care. Our practice serves women and families throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum.

We also offer well-woman care from adolescence to menopause.

Each woman’s unique journey into motherhood is nurtured and supported. Using clinical skills, an evidence-based approach, and intuition as our tools, we provide excellent care to a diverse population.

As guardians of natural birth, we hold our clients securely during their journey and honor each baby’s peaceful entry into the world.

Moonstone Midwives lobby.

Birth Center

We created Moonstone Midwives Birth Center to provide the families of our remote region a different choice for their birth experience. We are thrilled to offer midwifery care in our beautiful free standing birth center with rooms that feel like home. More

Newborn baby being held by mother in the water of a birthing tub.

Home Birth

Giving birth at home allows for the utmost in personalization, privacy, and intimacy during this sacred time. Providing home birth services in Humboldt County has been our specialty for many years. More

Silhouette of woman meditating on a rock above the ocean with the sun near the horizon.

Well Woman Care

Well-woman check ups are an essential part of self care.  With a deep respect for the work that women do in their families and communities, we offer these visits to support the wellness of the whole woman.  Whether daughter, mother, or grandmother-all are welcome.

Read about some of our clients Birth Stories.