Black and white photo of an infant wrapped in a blanket and studying the face of the woman holding him.
Newborn baby being cradled.

“I highly recommend Moonstone Midwives!  Thanks to the experience and knowledge of my midwives Laura and Suzanne and the trust I had in them, I was relaxed as I could be during labor and the delivery of my sweet Otto.  All the Moonstone Midwives gave me helpful advice and care before, during and after my pregnancy.  How fortunate we are to have them in our community.  I love these ladies!”

The Dalsaso Family

Peacefully sleeping newborn baby with a knit headband being held.

“My birth was absolutely perfect and the reason for that was the midwives who attended were themselves magic!  I couldn’t imagine a better experience.  I miss them daily almost enough to get pregnant again.”

The Perrone Family

Photo of a happy family with two moms and a child sitting in a garden.

“Our midwives cared for our whole family with such deep respect.  By the time of our birth they knew each of us well, and that knowing was vital to their sweet skillful presence at our birth.  They do their work with happy hearts and such deep commitment.”

The McKnight Family

Happy family with their newborn baby.

“We feel that having a homebirth was the best choice for our family.  After doing the research and taking natural birthing classes, being in the comfort of our own home was the best way.  It was the most amazing experience that has happened in our lives.”

The Nester Family

Three loving siblings, including a newborn baby.

“Having experienced two wonderful home births with Brandi, there was no doubt I wanted her there for my third baby.  Being that she had joined forces with other midwives, I felt hesitant in how really connecting with multiple providers would be.  My reluctance quickly turned to gratitude as I found myself in the exceptional care of five amazing women.  Over the months as individual connections grew, I knew it would not matter who was on call when that most epic moment happened!  The level of outstanding respect and honor around all that birth encompasses is so present in each one of these midwives.  They were available with advice during pregnancy, gave empowerment to birth with confidence and continued their nurture well after the birth.  The women of Moonstone Midwives truly graced my family through this miraculous beginning journey of life.”

Lauren Ballard Riley

“My midwives provided education and support during my pregnancy and created a perfect birthing environment. The care my family received and the relationships built with these women positively changed my view of birth and Motherhood. I highly, highly recommend!”

Juli Eagle

“Our family is so lucky and blessed to have have been under the care of these 5 amazing women! Over the past years we have been held close during the loss of a pregnancy, lovingly guided into parenthood, and became a family of four, as our 2 year old son stood alongside our midwives.

My midwives have helped me to uncover so much strength and courage that I did not even know existed. My home births are such a precious gift, and are deeply rooted in the foundation of our family forever.”

Onamae Wa

“You could not find a group of smarter, more professional, and competent midwives. They made me feel at ease during the births of my two children. They answered all my questions and knew the right questions to ask me to help me prepare. Their post partum care was indispensable.
I will never forget their compassion and loving care for my whole family.”

Sarah Meredith

“I can’t even begin to express what an incredible experience we had with these ladies. We had our 4th child at the birth center on September 16th, our first midwife attended, out of hospital birth. I wish we had had all of our children with them! I’ve never felt so important, so cared for, so loved, throughout a pregnancy or birth. I never once felt rushed through an appointment, there was never an unreasonable wait and I never felt like less than their number one priority during my appointments. Every midwife there was thorough and cautious, there is ZERO feeling of ego above safety. When I needed to be referred out for complications, that’s exactly what was done. When I had to stay in the hospital for preterm labor, Calista came in to check on me and reassured me and truly made me feel so important and loved.

And my birth was just the most peaceful experience. Even in the midst of a baby who was dealing with respiratory issues, I never once felt panicked. Suzanne and Laura were so attentive, any fear or uncertainty they had was never shown to us, they maintained such a calm, professional demeanor the entire time. I cannot say enough good about the whole experience and I wish that every single woman could have access to such incredible, empowering women to guide them and love them through their journey into motherhood, be it their first or their fourth time.”

Shelley Campbell

“These amazing humans provide families with the utmost care, knowledge, wisdom, love. Almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost.”

Violet Mercedes Dinning

“Words can’t even begin to explain what a gift these women are to our community. Their collective knowledge and warmth was exactly what I was looking for when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. My first visit with them was all I needed, the inviting atmosphere of the birth center and their emphasis on gentle guidance and options. I decided Moonstone Midwives were the perfect match for my pregnancy. I looked forward to each of our meetings, always greeted with a warm smile and a hug. Each midwife made me feel comfortable in their own unique way. I decided what sounded most comfortable to me was a home birth. Calista and Suzanne were such beautiful souls the night they helped me birth my son. The way they worked so synchronistcally together, giving me the support I needed during such a vulnerable time in my life. Their knowledge and skills helped my dream birth a reality and I birthed my son gently at home in the middle of the night on June 28th 2016. I would do it a million times over again with the help of Moonstone Midwives. They truly do embody the “helpers spirit” and I always felt safe in their care. During the transitional postpartum period they were continuously checking up on me and Nikko, my partner too. Truly we felt so supported and loved. I love you ladies so much!

Mandi Meadow Holzinger

“All five of these women have been absolutely outstanding. Since my very first prenatal appointment, I had received nothing but the best care. Their knowledge and experience is only overshadowed by their kindness and sincerity. Brandi and Ananda attended to my home birth but I feel connected to each one of the midwives. I was new to Humboldt County when I was newly pregnant and they all made me feel welcome, and continue to do when I visit with my daughter. Anyone would be lucky to have these midwives providing their care.”

Jenn Vincenzi

“There is no where else I would have rather experienced the start of motherhood. From the knowledge they shared along my pregnancy journey to helping me manifest all my inner power and strength for the natural birth of my son, these women are truly remarkable. All in thier own unique and stunning way. So much thanks and blessings to Moonstone Midwives ♡”

Felicia Suggs

“I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working with several of these ladies for both of my pregnancies and births. My second pregnancy was with twins, and even though I had to have a hospital birth, both Laura and Ananda were such a huge part of that experience. They advocated for me, and made the whole experience so much smoother. I can’t say enough wonderful things! I love them!”

Ronnie Chausse

“The birth of our son was a truly magical experience thanks to the Moonstone Midwives! I received outstanding care through out my pregnancy and postpartum. Our family can not say enough wonderful things about the women in this practice. Laura and Calista were absolutely amazing during the home birth of our son. There is nothing we would change about our experience”

Bobbie Spurlock

“Kind, loving, incredible group of women! Excellent care!!!”

Kimberly Brownlee Ennis

“Laura and Ananda were my amazing midwives for both my girls. These women provide excellent care and knowledge throughout the whole pregnancy. They were everything to me. From them easing my fears from a worried text about something to getting a shoulder massage while feeling overwhelmed in an appointment they were everything to me. They aren’t just midwives they are angels greeting you and guiding you to the realization that we are women gifted with the ability to birth our babies naturally. The spiritual empowering experience that comes with that is life changing and priceless. There is no better crew than moonstone midwifery!”

Danielle Weems

“Can’t imagine having our first baby without the love and care of the Moonstone Midwives!”

Cassie Wilson-Craps

“I can literally never say enough about these magical women!! I have never felt so whole and completely taken care of, in my life.
The idea of working with these women again almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost ?????

Klark K Swan

“These women were truly amazing! The guidance and strength they gave me throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of my first child was truly a blessing. My partner and I feel so blessed to have such powerful women in our lives. Love them to pieces and so grateful that our little man has the most rad 5 aunties in Humboldt now. Thank you so much ladies for everything! We will be back!”

Jaclyn Vandeveer

“Moonstone midwives helped make my pregnancy and home birth an empowering, joyful experience. Highly recommend!”

Gabrielle Tollner

“We love Moonstone Midwives and couldn’t be gladder that we chose them to guide us through the birth of our son!”

David Nims

“I am not the mother! I’m the grandmother! these ladies were and are so totally awesome. They stayed with my daughter and son in law even though they ended up in the hospital. They couldn’t go into surgery with my daughter but they hung out with us grandparents and then stayed with the kids after surgery. They came to visit at the hospital and again at the house. No question went unanswered.
If you didn’t know that they had several other patients, you would have thought my daughter and grandson were their one and only.

We were all treated like best friends and family.

Thank you one and all for making Chase, KaCee and Clancy your #1 priority.
Love you all for everything you’ve done and are still doing for my babies!”

Bob and Lori Shepherd

“Best birth experiance ever. Even when we had issues they handled it expertly!”

Matthew Preston