Black and white photo of an infant wrapped in a blanket and studying the face of the woman holding him.
Newborn baby being cradled.

“I highly recommend Moonstone Midwives!  Thanks to the experience and knowledge of my midwives Laura and Suzanne and the trust I had in them, I was relaxed as I could be during labor and the delivery of my sweet Otto.  All the Moonstone Midwives gave me helpful advice and care before, during and after my pregnancy.  How fortunate we are to have them in our community.  I love these ladies!”

The Dalsaso Family

Peacefully sleeping newborn baby with a knit headband being held.

“My birth was absolutely perfect and the reason for that was the midwives who attended were themselves magic!  I couldn’t imagine a better experience.  I miss them daily almost enough to get pregnant again.”

The Perrone Family

Photo of a happy family with two moms and a child sitting in a garden.

“Our midwives cared for our whole family with such deep respect.  By the time of our birth they knew each of us well, and that knowing was vital to their sweet skillful presence at our birth.  They do their work with happy hearts and such deep commitment.”

The McKnight Family

Happy family with their newborn baby.

“We feel that having a homebirth was the best choice for our family.  After doing the research and taking natural birthing classes, being in the comfort of our own home was the best way.  It was the most amazing experience that has happened in our lives.”

The Nester Family

Three loving siblings, including a newborn baby.

“Having experienced two wonderful home births with Brandi, there was no doubt I wanted her there for my third baby.  Being that she had joined forces with other midwives, I felt hesitant in how really connecting with multiple providers would be.  My reluctance quickly turned to gratitude as I found myself in the exceptional care of five amazing women.  Over the months as individual connections grew, I knew it would not matter who was on call when that most epic moment happened!  The level of outstanding respect and honor around all that birth encompasses is so present in each one of these midwifes.  They were available with advice during pregnancy, gave empowerment to birth with confidence and continued their nurture well after the birth.  The women of Moonstone Midwives truly graced my family through this miraculous beginning journey of life.”

Lauren Ballard Riley